Technical Details


Uw-Value ≥ 0,64 W/m2K


spruce, pine, larch, oak, mahogany


interior + exterior: naturally lacquered, stained, lacquered in RAL


2 circulating levels of sealing, black


inward opening, fully concealed


tilt-turn, awning, fixed, patio door with low level threshold

Technical Drawings
Driving Rain Resistance Class 9A
Group 14@3x
Airtightness Class 4
Svg Vector Icons :
Wind Load C3/B3
Noise Control up to noise control class 4
Security up to RC2

We have a clear vision:
Our team intensively analyses the glass requirements of your project and offers you a fitting solution. Each glass pane will be a custom-made product for you.


Suitable thermal insulation, high acoustic control values, a wide range of sun protection options, visual decor highlights as well as reliable protection against burglary and the risk of injury: the steadily increasing demands on modern glazing require an understanding of the material as well as technical know-how for its use in the building – both does FT-Vilstal consider to be part of its expertise.

We obtain our glass panes from renowned suppliers in Germany, from where they reach our production facilities for further processing after adequate testing and quality control

Feel the nature:
The wood gives your window a vivid naturalness and warmth. Due to the variety of wood types and finishes, a perfect match between the appearance of your window and the interior design can be achieved.

Types of Wood

For the production of our windows and doors, we work exclusively with selected wood species from regional forests that are certified according to FSC (“Forest Stewardship Council”) or PEFC (“Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”).

In addition to common woods such as spruce, pine, larch or oak, we also process mahogany or eucalyptus, among others. For optimal protection of the wood, it receives a triple water-based coating – naturally glazed, oiled or opaque lacquered according to RAL.

The (colour) choice is yours:
No matter which RAL colour, you can freely design the exterior and interior aesthetics of your window.

Wood Finish

The professional triple coating of the wooden scantlings is done exclusively with water-based colourants. There are no limits to the customer’s colour choices: all RAL colours are available and are painted opaque.